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Top 5 Tips to start learning SEO

A few days ago, I started to offer a new service in my Fiverr account (if you want to take a look, you can click here or on the "Hire my services!" menu).

It is a Gig called "I Will Help You To Launch Succesfully Your Business" where I offer a deep report about my top 10 client's competitors, with a lot of useful information to help to grow the client's company like: keywords of each competitor with detailed information about each keyword (like traffic, rank CPC...) backlinks of each competitor with detailed information (like PR of the page, source URL, target URL..), graphics... a lot!

So, if you are interested in this service, I recommend you to take a look to the service, you can see it here:

But this post is not about that, this post is for giving you some tips if you are starting to learn SEO. Why? Because when I was starting to learn it, I did a lot of mistakes, I failed too many times and if I have known these tips, maybe I have saved a lot of time.

So, let's go!

1) Read, watch, investigate! Yes, it is too important. It is the 21st century and we have the Internet, use it! If you don't know anything, search it! You will learn a lot about it (and maybe about more things!)

2) Learn HTML and CSS. Almost the basics, maybe you are not a developer, maybe you only work in SEO, but remember, HTML and CSS (more HTML than CSS) are the pillars of the Internet, you should know a bit! In this web, you can find a good course to learn the basics of HTML: HTML Fundamentals

3) Read blogs about SEO. There are many blogs about SEO, so you should subscribe and read (remember the tip number 1!). Here is a list of blogs about SEO:

     > Moz

     > Hubspot

     > Problogger

     > Quicksprout

     > Search Engine Land

     > Distilled

     > Copyblogger

     > And of course, this blog:, because we are going to start a free course to learn           SEO in few days!

4) Practice! SEO is too difficult if you don't practice your knowledge, so practice everything that you learn and read in blogs, books...

5) Create your own blog! (Or more than one!) It is one of the best ways to practice SEO and it has a lot of benefits like you can practice what you learn on your own site, without any risk, you can improve your writing skills, improve your online reputation (it is too important if you want to work online!), you can make money with your blog (it only depends on you ability and imagination!) and... if you are looking for a job, a blog is something good for your CV, don't you?

Hey! Before you go, please subscribe to the blog, you will have a lot of interesting posts and you can follow the free SEO course in few days! And also, please share this in buttons below (and if you want to talk me about something, remember, you can comment here or talk me in my Twitter: @nautadev), to help other people (like your friends!) to know these useful tips! And, thanks for the read!
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  1. Hi! Daniel from trendblog here. Thanks for mentioning us along with the big guys. We're certainly not an SEO blog. So I would appreciate it if you could remove us from your list. Otherwise it will confuse your readers.

    Good luck!

    1. Done! Thanks and sorry for the incovenience!


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