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10 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

As we all know, SEO is constantly changing, the techniques used a couple of years ago are no longer useful now and those that are used now most likely will not serve in a few years. But if something has stayed the same, have been the backlinks.

10 best free online backlink checker tools

How do backlinks work?

In the past, your site would be better positioned based on a number of parameters such as the number of backlinks you had, but back in 2015, the thing changes: now it depended on the quality of the links you had.

Last year, Google's Penguin algorithm update has "destroyed" the performance of the vast majority of PBNs (though they can still be operated, as explained in my step-by-step guide on how to create a cheap PBN And functional). In this little guide, I aim to talk a little about the best websites to check the quality of the backlinks.

Why do you need tools to check backlinks?

When any web links to your site or a page of your site link to yours, that's called backlink. Backlinks are used as one of the most important parameters for positioning webs and improving the ranking of keywords. However, over time, Google has changed the importance of backlinks and has included more variables to rank websites (which does not mean that they are not so important anymore).

Backlinks are typically classified into two types: do-follow backlinks and non-follow backlinks.

When we talk about creating backlinks, we usually focus on creating do-follow links. Using tools to check backlinks, we count how many backlinks we have created for our site. A good number of backlinks help immensely to improve the ranking of our page and also the Moz ranking of our site.

Here are some (10) tools to check backlinks online that will help you all incoming backlinks to your web (or any other). You can choose any of these tools according to your needs. Some of them offer detailed results while others only give you the number of backlinks, but none (or almost none) need to register to use them, which makes the process really simple!

Find backlinks to your site with these pages to check backlinks:


OpenLinkProfiler is one of the best free online tools to check backlinks, which helps you to check up to 200000 links per analysis, an incredible number of links considering that it is a free service.

Not only that, using OpenLinkProfiler you can also check the age of backlinks and their influence what shows you the popularity of your blog or website.

Using this tool to check backlinks, you can also see the pages that link to your site as well as the text to which they link.


opensiteexplorer - free tool to check backlinks

This backlink checker service is offered one of the most popular SEO tool providers: MOZ.

A free backlink checker that can be improved by opening a payment account, this online application will help you to check the backlinks of your web as well as all the necessary information and a list of all the tips to make a complete analysis of your blog or web.

You can also use this tool to check the backlinks of your competitors and get information on which page in a blog or web has the best performance.


semrush - free online backlink checker tool

SEMRUSH has long been one of the best online SEO tools available to bloggers and web developers.

The online application has been steadily improving its services and now includes a backlink checker among its many tools available. Although it is not a completely free tool, SEMRUSH's free backlinks checker is more than enough to meet most of your needs.

SEMRUSH has an immense database which is updated every day, which guarantees that you will always get an adequate report of the backlinks in your blog or web.


ahrefs - free online backlinks checker tool

Another great tool in the business of online backlink checkers. Ahref is fast becoming one of the best online backlink checkers.

Ahrefs has a payment service, however, if you register for a free account you can have practically all the necessary services to carry out your tasks, including a system to analyze backlinks.

One of the best features of Ahrefs is the huge detail provided by each analysis, giving you a lot of crucial information about the site and the competition.

Backlink Watch

backlink watch - free online backlink checker tool

Backlink Watch is one of the best and simplest tools available online to check backlink. The online application has a very simple interface and can be used by bloggers with any level of experience.

The site also makes use of the Ahrefs API and in this way, the results it shows are very credible and accurate.

Using Backlink Watch you can also check other important information such as non-follow links and more.

Link Diagnosis 

linkdiagnosis - free online backlink checker tool
Link Diagnosis is one of the most versatile tools within the best online backlink checkers since it offers its users an endless number of different tools to analyze different blogs and websites.

The application helps you get reports on how the types of links you have, reports on the external behavior of the site as well as internal behavior.

Apart from the above, it also gives you a lot of important information about the ranking of your page.

Majestic SEO

majestic seo - free online backlink checker tool

Majestic SEO is one of the most used tools in the world of SEO and has been one of the greatest heavyweights in this field for a long time so far.

The online service has its own ranking system called the Majestic million of sites according to their links and other parameters.

Majestic SEO has one of the largest databases of links and evaluates all based on its quality according to different sources of information.

The main advantage of this online service is that you get a clear impression about the backlinks on your site (or another website) in addition to being extremely simple to use.


webmeup - free online backlink checker tool

WebMeUp is another good online backlink checker service, which is very simple to use and is very well built to meet all your needs in terms of checking for backlinks and optimizing websites.

The online application shows a maximum of 1000 backlinks in each report and also provides a detailed view of your blog or web.


buzzsumo - free online backlink checker tool

BuzzSumo is one of the best tools for content creators and has a very manageable backlink checker as well. The online application comes with a free mode as well as a professional paid version.

The service is very simple to use and highlights your backlinks, anchor texts, and other necessary information.


ranksignals - free online backlink checker tool

Another very useful online backlink checker is RankSignals which helps you to obtain a list of your non-follow links as well as the do-follow and also obtain information about the PR of your main page and the anchor texts of it.


The online applications mentioned above are some of the best free online backlink testers, which will help you develop your web and blog to take them to the next level.

Do you recommend any other tools? Have you used any of these? What has been your experience?

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