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Rama Judicial de Colombia - App Release

rama judicial de colombia app

Rama Judicial de Colombia - App Release

These days I have returned to Fiverr and I have been working in some of my services (you can check them here: One of them is, of course, develop apps. Someone hired me to create an app that when I heard about it I thought: "Oh, it is easy, I can do it for sure!".

What was the concept of the app?

The app should allow users to query to one website and give back its answers, in a transparent and beautiful way to the user. The easiest solution would just implement a webview inside the app and load the website there. But, hey, we are not here to create bad apps like that.

The app had to query two different pages. The first one is one where the user has to choose in a dropdown his/her city and then in another dropdown a place inside that city (so this dropdown changes when the first one changes). After that the user has to choose an action (like query for X info or for Y info). Depending on the action chosen the UI has to change to show different controls to fill the necessary information to do these queries. And finally, the user can query for the info.

After the query, the website returns a lot of information and the app has to read it and show in a good way to fit dimensions and standards of mobile applications (in this case, the information is shown in a list of elements). When the user select one of these elements, the UI has to change again to query the website for additional information of this element and show all that information in the new UI.

The user has to be able to go back everytime and choose another element or do another query with different data whenever he/she want.

The other page is just like a system to query a huge database. When the user does any query, the database usually returns at least 10000 results. So I had to find a way to manage thousands of results on Android, and also manage to make queries and read returns of that website (it was really old, it works with a really old version of XHTML and javascript).

What about the UI?

This time I couldn't design my own UI, I had to follow a design the buyer sent to me since he wanted a very specific UI design (in my opinion a little bit old but I had to do it, I just advised the buyer).

And what about the app monetization?

I implemented Google Admob so the app is using banners inside app screens and when you change of screen it shows an interstitial ad (sometimes, not every time).

Some images

app rama judicial colombia
That is the UI I told you

The first-page screen, where you can query based on your city, location and action (again, simple and basic UI)

The screen to query the database and manage more than 10000 different results (at least) (Again, basic UI)

Where can you download it?

The buyer (the person who hired me to create this app) published it on Google Play so you can download it here:


Well, this is all for this app showcase, you can see more content I have made just going to the showcase cateogory or clicking here.

Also, if you are interested, I can create any app (or mobile game) for you, just contact me here or click below:

(Psst, when you contact me, tell me you come from here for a special discount ;)

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