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The Most Complete Guide (and free) to create easily a PBN

how to create a pbn cheap easy

The Most Complete Guide (and free) to create easily a PBN

I like practical things: practical books, practical programs... and of course, I love practical guides. Just read, understand and start working.
When I started in this world, everything related to PBNs was really confusing or really expensive. So, I have decided to create this guide, just to teach everyone how to start his/her own PBN.

But first, what is a PBN? Why do I need it?

A PBN (Private Blog Network) is, as its name says, a blog network built just to help to rank another website (also called "the Money Site"). The way this network helps is linking to the main site from a post from every blog in the network. So you will be able to create links with high authority to your Moeny site, as much as you want.

When you have a serius project, you know that is really good have the first position in Google Searches, and for that objective, your own PBN will be perfect.

To get results at the moment, the best option is build your PBN with expired domains.

Each blog has to be a completely independent project (at least for Google). In this article we will see step by step how to achieve that objective.

How to build your own PBN?

Find and register an expired domain

I am not going to explain how to find these expired domains, because you can find this article (coming soon, suscribe to be the first to read it!), where I explain the easiest and most quickly way to get expired domains.

When you have found some expired domains, the next step is register them.

You have two options, register them with a fake name, or as I do, just hide your registration data, commonly known as "Hidden whois".

Don't look for strange networks to register your domains, register them in well-known and trusted companies, like Namecheap (my favourite). The best way to hide your PBN and make them like normal sites is camouflage them around thousands of serius and professional sites.

Once we have registered our domains, the next step is host them in a good hosting. And not every host is good for a PBN, so let's talk about it.

How to host a PBN?

What would be the perfect option? Host each web in a different host with a different company, the problem is when we have more than 10 domains, it is really difficult to manage everything and we lose too much time.

SO the easiest way is buy a "SEO Hosting", but beware, there are companies that only host PBNs sand Google knows that so your sites won't rank. Every IP of these hosts point to PBN websites, there is no one pointing to a serius project. So there are thousands of PBN websites sharing your same IP.

The Best option to host a PBN

The option I have chosen (and the option I recommend) is use this hosting, since I have tested and used it in my projects: this one is the hosting that I am talking about (this is one of the oldest companies for PBNs and has every option that we will need more later like different IPs with class A, B and C). This hosting is really cheap (without ask for a really low and strange money quantity as some fraudulent hostings do) and you will have every tool necessary to host your PBN in a professional way.

What do you have to know before create your PBN?

You have everything ready, now, what?

You need to make every blog look different, changing the following parameters:

> Different IPs: It is really important every domain is in a different IP. But with different I am not talking about one site with the IP and another one with It needs to change a lot, changing its classes C, B and A. In Smart SEO Host with one click you can change the IP of each site

create pbn easy cheap

> Different DNS: You need to change the DNS and in this case you have three options (you should change it in every site randomly). This is the most boring thing of creating a PBN (at least, in my opinion).

        > DNS Smart SEO Host: You can use the DNS from Smart SEO Host in some of your webs, there is no problem because there are thousands of websites with a lot of traffic with these DNS.

        > Custom DNS: You can create your custom DNS like with the PNB hosting of Smart SEO Host.

        > Use the free service of Cloudflare CDNs: Your DNS will be like To achieve that, you will need to sign up on Cloudflare, follow the instructions (it is really easy) and everytihng ready!

> Domain profiles: Each domain of the PBN has to follow some minimum requisites:

        > TF > 10 (Majestic)
        > Domain Rating (Ahrefs) > 30
        > High quality incoming links, no chinese or porn links (except if your blog is about it)
        > That domain don't have to be used previusly as a PBN domain

> Different Wordpress themes: If you have some premium themes, use one on each web and for the rest use free themes (one different in every website!). The objective is make the website different from the rest of your PBN.

> Web organization: Every web of the PBN has to have the organization of the site (pages, menus...) similar to the original website of the domain (remember, we are using expired domains). Google will think that we are continuing the original website.

> Content: This is the thing that more people forget. We have to create every blog in the PBN as a normal blog, you shouldn't put posts with 200 words. You have to create interesant articles every few days or weeks. You don't need to post long articles, with posts with 400-500 words is fine. So, you have 4 options:

        > Hire a cheap writer. You can find people who will write articles for just $1. If you don't want to invest in articles, you can sell a review in one of your blogs, if you sell one for $10, you will have paid 10 articles.

        > Use not indexed content: This is something really interesant, but too long for this post, so I will explain in in another article soon. Keep connected!

        > Use old content from the web: You can check for old content in

        > A mix of the 3 options: This would be the perfect solution, you will have quantity and quality.

> Outgoing links: The main objetive of a PBN is create outgoing links to your "Money site", creating authority in that site and ranking it. But you should follow some rules:

        > Just one outgoing link per website: Write only an article with links to your money site, the rest of posts should be different (but you can publish articles with links to other sites, so you can sell reviews). For example, if you sell 3 reviews per month, you will be able to pay 10 blogs for your PBN

        > Your link is always the first:  In the post where you publish your link, you can add another one to a website with a lot of authority or a newspaper. But, the link to your "Money Site" has to be the first one.

       > In your TOP blogs, put your link in the homepage: If you get some blogs with amazing metrics, put your link in the first paragraf in the post so the first link in your home will be the link to your money site.

> Incoming links: You have to take care about what pages are linked. If everyone points to your homepage, you don't need to do anything (that is too strange). But if not (it is the usual thing), you will need to redirect the pages linked by the links to your home or the page with your link.

> Don't put your site in Search Consolwe nor Analytics, you need to create a sitemap but don't upload it to Google.

Now, you know how to create a PBN, but, is worth to create your own PBN? Let's talk about the advantages and disadvanges.


Links from old domains with a lot of authority helps a lot to rank every project. It is true that the perfect thing would be put your link in a site with authority that send to you traffic.

But, the important thing: it works. If not, I wouldn't have a PBN with more than 230 blogs.

The advantages of a PBN are:

> You can have as much links as you need whenever you need them.

> You don't depend on other sites or pay third persons.

> You can use your PBN for several project, so if you have more than one project, the value of your PBN is the double.


The most important disadvantage is you need to invest some money to buy domains, hosting and content.
For around $250 you can have a PBN with 10 domains, so it is not a really big cost if you keep in your mind that 10 links from these domains give you a better result than a link to a lost page from a website like or similar, where you have to pay a lot of money to get that link.

Another disadvantage is that you will need a  tool like Ahrefs (which is expensive) to be completly sure of the quality of the incoming links to the expired domain.

As you can see, the disadvantages of a PBN are not disadvantages if you create the PBN correctly.

Another way to create your PBN

That is the easiest way, you just need to contact with me (you can here, or in my Social Networks or in the Contact menu) and I will build everything and then I will give you your whole PBN ready to work.

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    1. Well, I have not tried SERPstat (I will take a look), but I have just made a post where I talk about my top 10 of free (or cheap) online backlink checker tools, so maybe it could help you! (Here is it:

      Anyway, thanks for comment!

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