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Waveform Gaming App - App Release

Waveform Gaming App - App Release

As you may know, I have been working for a while on Fiverr. One of my services offered there is creating apps (for Android, iOS, and other platforms) (you can check them here: But today, it was a person who contacted me via Twitter since he found me there (remember, this is my Twitter: @nautadev)

What was the concept of the app?

The app should allow users to see the website of my client but in a mobile friendly way. It would get the news section of the website and adapt it to fit on every device (and load faster).

Also, it had to implement other features like a Navigation Drawer, user analytics, a contact form, social network integration and push notifications.

So, in summary, the app implemented the following things:

  • Push notifications (using Firebase)
  • App analytics (using Firebase)
  • Mobile friendly load of web (using Java and Javascript to make a better way to load websites)
  • Navigation drawer menu
  • Contact form
  • Social networks implementation
The client hired me to work monthly with the app, adding more features so I will be updating this with the new features I add (soon I will add an instant messaging system to allow app users to chat in realtime).

What about the UI?

This time I made a really minimalistic UI using as a concept the design of the client's website and also their color palette.

And what about the app monetization?

I didn't implement any monetization since the client wanted to start without ads, but we are going to implement it soon using Firebase + Admob.

Some images

Splash screen

New section (it is updated automatically when the blog has new content)

Read full article option (just click in one article on News and you will read it like this)

Navigation drawer

Social networks (the client wanted it extremely minimalistic like this)

Contact form

Where can you download it?

The buyer (the person who hired me to create this app) is going to publish it on his own website (maybe later in a Google Play account) but right now it is published nowhere so I will update this post when the app will be able to be downloaded.


Well, this is all for this app showcase, you can see more content I have made just going to the showcase cateogory or clicking here.

Also, if you are interested, I can create any app (or mobile game) for you, just contact me here or click below:

(Psst, when you contact me, tell me you come from here for a special discount ;)

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